Feel like something is missing in your life, feel like you haven't heard enough blaring sirens, deafening chants or seen enough bar climbing and megaphones!! Maybe you Can't Get Enough' of ' Electric State ......  :)

Well wait no longer after our tour in Japan we've hit the studio again ready to unleash onto the world! 'Can't Get Enough', Look out world the megaphone wielding Perth band's new single is coming for you!

Mixed by Anton Hagop (Silverchair, Missy Higgins, Birds of Tokyo, engineer) and recorded by the Maestro Andy Hill at Tunafish studios (where legends, San Cisco, Stelly Donelly, Pond, Carla Geneve, record their tracks), this song definitely has PUNCH!! 

'Can't Get Enough' is a track that talks about how you can't get enough of the things you love doing or the people you love around you or that trip with ya mates you wanna keep on doing and how sometimes you just wanna scream out "I Can't Get Enough of this"!

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(Ash Lee ATS 2020)!

As hard rocking bands go, you’d have to travel a long way to find another band that is as 
unique, as coherent and as attractive a proposition as Electric State are right now. 

(Around The Sound, Jan 2022) 

"well constructed, superbly produced, killer riffs meld perfectly with hard hitting lyrics and 
well crafted songs. A must for the lover of classy, loud, explosive alternative rock. Impressive debut album" 
(A1M records UK, February 2022)

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